Think Consciuously

it’s such a broad topic but here I go.

Why not be conscious about everything you do or say?

I believe we would make more rightious decisions. Don’t just think about yourself, think about others. Why harm others? This world would be more pleasant if we think what others would feel, despite those negative feelings such as jealousy, hatred and others. 

For example:

Live your dream but id you could help others, why not? 

Enjoy life, but if you could share that joy with others, why not? 

Don’t step on others in order to get what you want or reach where you want to be. 

It would be more worth it if you were able to help others along the way. 

Be true to yourself.

Don’t envy other.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Enjoy the moment where you are at.

If you’re living a hard situation, don’t give up. If you really want it to get better you’ll get out of it. Have faith and believe in yourself.

(I got inspired by the playlist from the picture, recommended playlist in sound cloud- amazing remix)


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