Be Present

Techonology is consuming so much of our daily lives. We depend so much in our phones that we forget to enjoy the moment or the person we are right next to. Personally, I get tired of being next to my mom, coworker, friend, boyfriend, sister oracquaintance, because you’re having a conversation and suddenly they receive a text, email, call or any notification from social media and they pause the conversation. It sucks, you get interrupted and then when they finish what they were doing they get back to the conversation. People don’t let this happen. You could ruin relationships with time.  

I’ve caught myself doing it too, and I feel so guilty. Believe it or not even my dog gets annoyed, sometimes when I’m playing with him I get my phone and he comes to me and bites me or starts doing to catch my attention. I’ve notice people on elevators, whom put their head down and do whatever on their phone to avoid a conversation.

Give at least 90% of your attention to the person youre hanging out with or having a conversation; the phone can wait.

Appreciate every moment!


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